Interface MonthConstants

All Known Implementing Classes:
Day, FixedMillisecond, Hour, Millisecond, Minute, Month, Quarter, RegularTimePeriod, Second, SerialDate, SpreadsheetDate, Week, Year

public interface MonthConstants
A set of constants for the month numbers (1 - 12).
  • Field Summary

    Modifier and Type Field Description
    static int APRIL
    Constant for April.
    static int AUGUST
    Constant for August.
    static int DECEMBER
    Constant for December.
    static int FEBRUARY
    Constant for February.
    static int JANUARY
    Constant for January.
    static int JULY
    Constant for July.
    static int JUNE
    Constant for June.
    static int MARCH
    Constant for March.
    static int MAY
    Constant for May.
    static int NOVEMBER
    Constant for November.
    static int OCTOBER
    Constant for October.
    static int SEPTEMBER
    Constant for September.