Class CategoryCrosshairState


public class CategoryCrosshairState
extends CrosshairState
Represents state information for the crosshairs in a CategoryPlot. An instance of this class is created at the start of the rendering process, and updated as each data item is rendered. At the end of the rendering process, this class holds the row key, column key and value for the crosshair location.
  • Constructor Details

  • Method Details

    • getRowKey

      Returns the row key.
      The row key.
    • setRowKey

      public void setRowKey​(Comparable key)
      Sets the row key.
      key - the row key.
    • getColumnKey

      Returns the column key.
      The column key.
    • setColumnKey

      public void setColumnKey​(Comparable key)
      Sets the column key.
      key - the key.
    • updateCrosshairPoint

      public void updateCrosshairPoint​(Comparable rowKey, Comparable columnKey, double value, int datasetIndex, double transX, double transY, PlotOrientation orientation)
      Evaluates a data point from a CategoryItemRenderer and if it is the closest to the anchor point it becomes the new crosshair point.
      rowKey - the row key.
      columnKey - the column key.
      value - y coordinate (measured against the range axis).
      datasetIndex - the dataset index for this point.
      transX - x translated into Java2D space.
      transY - y translated into Java2D space.
      orientation - the plot orientation.
    • updateCrosshairX

      public void updateCrosshairX​(Comparable rowKey, Comparable columnKey, int datasetIndex, double transX, PlotOrientation orientation)
      Updates only the crosshair row and column keys (this is for the case where the range crosshair does NOT lock onto the nearest data value).
      rowKey - the row key.
      columnKey - the column key.
      datasetIndex - the dataset axis index.
      transX - the translated x-value.
      orientation - the plot orientation.