Interface CategoryItemRenderer

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AbstractCategoryItemRenderer, AreaRenderer, BarRenderer, BoxAndWhiskerRenderer, CategoryStepRenderer, DefaultCategoryItemRenderer, GanttRenderer, GroupedStackedBarRenderer, IntervalBarRenderer, LayeredBarRenderer, LevelRenderer, LineAndShapeRenderer, MinMaxCategoryRenderer, ScatterRenderer, StackedAreaRenderer, StackedBarRenderer, StatisticalBarRenderer, StatisticalLineAndShapeRenderer, WaterfallBarRenderer

public interface CategoryItemRenderer
extends LegendItemSource
A plug-in object that is used by the CategoryPlot class to display individual data items from a CategoryDataset.

This interface defines the methods that must be provided by all renderers. If you are implementing a custom renderer, you should consider extending the AbstractCategoryItemRenderer class.

Most renderer attributes are defined using a two layer approach. When looking up an attribute (for example, the outline paint) the renderer first checks to see if there is a setting that applies to a specific series that the renderer draws. If there is, that setting is used, but if it is null the renderer looks up the default setting. Some attributes allow the base setting to be null, while other attributes enforce non-null values.