Interface SeriesDataset

All Superinterfaces:
All Known Subinterfaces:
BoxAndWhiskerXYDataset, IntervalXYDataset, IntervalXYZDataset, OHLCDataset, TableXYDataset, VectorXYDataset, WindDataset, XYDataset, XYZDataset
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractIntervalXYDataset, AbstractSeriesDataset, AbstractXYDataset, AbstractXYZDataset, CategoryTableXYDataset, CyclicXYItemRenderer.OverwriteDataSet, DefaultBoxAndWhiskerXYDataset, DefaultHighLowDataset, DefaultIntervalCategoryDataset, DefaultIntervalXYDataset, DefaultOHLCDataset, DefaultTableXYDataset, DefaultWindDataset, DefaultXYDataset, DefaultXYZDataset, DynamicTimeSeriesCollection, HistogramDataset, JDBCXYDataset, MatrixSeriesCollection, OHLCSeriesCollection, SimpleHistogramDataset, TaskSeriesCollection, TimePeriodValuesCollection, TimeSeriesCollection, TimeTableXYDataset, VectorSeriesCollection, XIntervalSeriesCollection, XYBarDataset, XYIntervalSeriesCollection, XYSeriesCollection, XYTaskDataset, YIntervalSeriesCollection

public interface SeriesDataset
extends Dataset
The interface for a dataset consisting of one or many series of data.
See Also:
CategoryDataset, IntervalXYDataset, IntervalXYZDataset, XYDataset, XYZDataset
  • Method Details

    • getSeriesCount

      Returns the number of series in the dataset.
      The series count.
    • getSeriesKey

      Comparable getSeriesKey​(int series)
      Returns the key for a series.
      series - the series index (in the range 0 to getSeriesCount() - 1).
      The key for the series.
    • indexOf

      int indexOf​(Comparable seriesKey)
      Returns the index of the series with the specified key, or -1 if there is no such series in the dataset.
      seriesKey - the series key (null permitted).
      The index, or -1.