JFreeChart Samples

This page contains examples of the charts that can be produced using JFreeChart. If you'd prefer to see a live demo, please refer to the instructions at the bottom of this page for downloading and running the demo application on your own machine.

PieChartDemo1-254.png PieChart3DDemo1-254.png PriceVolumeDemo1-254.png PopulationChartDemo1-254.png DifferenceChartDemo2-254.png DualAxisDemo1-254.png ScatterPlotDemo1-254.png XYBarChartDemo1-254.png HistogramDemo1-254.png DeviationRendererDemo2-254.png XYSplineRendererDemo1a_254.png DialPlotDemo2a_254.png

Download and Run the JFreeChart Demo Application

Click on the following link to download a runnable jar file that demonstrates some of the capabilities of JFreeChart:

You can then run this on the command-line by typing:


All the samples on this page are created using programs that are available for download (the complete source code) when you purchase the JFreeChart Developer Guide. The tooltip text for each image is the name of the demo application source file.